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What is it

VitalSigns 3 is a system monitor for macOS Big Sur, featuring a clean and minimalist style that is extremely readable and easy on the eyes.

What makes it different

VitalSigns doesn't overwhelm you with a myriad of different values and stats. Instead, it focuses on the most relevant parameters to give you an idea of your system's health with just a quick glance.


  • Customizable dashboard: You can configure it to show only the data you want to see.
  • Temperature Alerts: Get notified whenever the CPU or GPU exceeds a temperature limit.
  • Compact Mode: An even more minimalist style for small displays.
  • Sensor selection: For system components that have several sensors available.
  • Also: Dark Mode support, auto-updates and more...

Pricing and availability

VitalSigns 3 is free. No ads, no in-app purchases, no subscriptions.
It's been notarized by Apple, which ensures that the app is clean and trustworthy. And it's available now.
You can download VitalSigns in the official website.


VitalSigns does not collect any kind of information from the user.

A bit of history

VitalSigns has been around since 2015. The app initially worked as a small widget in the macOS Notification Center.

When Apple released macOS Big Sur, it dramatically changed the way widgets work, which made it impossible to update the widget contents in real-time. In order to get the app working on Big Sur, I had to re-write the code almost from scratch, and also move it to the macOS status bar.

The old version for macOS Catalina and earlier is still available, although it's no longer supported.

Who am I

My name is Luis, and I'm an iOS/Mac developer based in Madrid.

I've been creating apps since 2008, both for large enterprises and small startups. Most of my clients are related to the Engineering, Aerospace and Architecture sectors. In my free time, I work on small side projects such as VitalSigns.

App Icon

(Differences will be only visible in Dark Mode)