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VitalSigns 3

macOS system monitor

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Your Mac's health at a glance


Designed from scratch to provide a clean and nice-looking User Interface


Highly optimized, battery-friendly app that barely uses any system resources


Fully customizable dashboard that only shows the data you want to see


VitalSigns 3 requires:

- macOS Big Sur 11.0 or higher
- An Intel or M1 Mac. M1 support is currently in Beta.

VitalSigns 3

Looking for VitalSigns for macOS Catalina and earlier? You can download it here.


The dashboard

VitalSigns 3 introduces a new dashboard that lives in the macOS Status Bar.

As always, it's fully configurable: you can show/hide sections and sensors to see the data you're really interested in.

Click the gear at the bottom left to open Settings and configure the dashboard to your liking.


Temperature Alerts

Get system notifications whenever the CPU or GPU exceeds a temperature limit. You can choose from a given range of temperatures, and also change the time interval between checks.


Compact Mode

In VitalSigns 3, customization options go one step further: you can now set the dashboard to Compact View mode.

This saves precious space in smaller screens, like the ones on the MacBook and the MacBook Air. And of course, this mode is also fully configurable.


Automatic Updates

The Update system has been completely revamped. VitalSigns will show you an alert when a new version is available for download.

The whole process is now performed within the app, making it much more user-friendly. Also, you can manually check for updates whenever you want.


Always Ready

You can set VitalSigns to automatically launch at startup. It will be silently waiting in the background, without using any system resources, until you wake it up to check the dashboard.

If you have Temperature Alerts enabled, it will periodically wake up to check the CPU/GPU, and go back to sleep if everything is OK.

Dark mode support

VitalSigns 3 fully supports Dark Mode on MacOS Big Sur. It will automatically adapt to your current system appearance setting.

All user interface elements and colors have been carefully tweaked to provide the best experience in both Dark and Light modes.

Fully customizable

You can pick the sections and components that will be shown in the dashboard. You can also choose your preferred units, set temperature alerts and change the Compact/Normal view mode.

To open the Settings window, you can either right click the VitalSigns icon in the Status Bar or click the small gear icon in the dashboard.

Multiple Sensors

Some system components may have several temperature sensors available to choose from.

By default, VitalSigns picks the sensor with the highest temperature, but you can change this behaviour, and manually select any of the available sensors.

Just click the small list symbol and choose a sensor from the list.

Download, install, run. VitalSigns is yours, forever.
And of course, it has been notarized by Apple, which means that the app is clean and trustworthy.

Enjoying VitalSigns?

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