Fuel & Payload Calculator


For Light Jets and Turboprops

Uplift fuel and weight configurations with integrated aircraft database

Uplift fuel

Enter the current fuel on board and the desired block fuel. You'll get the required uplift in any standard units: Liters, US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Pounds or Kilograms.

Also, the uplift is automatically calculated for a balanced fuel load in both wing tanks.

FoB input modes

You can choose from two different input modes: Left + Right or Total Fuel on Board:

Fuel & Payload

Try different weight configurations for your flight. Use the calculated maximum weights as a reference, and adjust the values to your needs.

Overweight detection

Anytime an overweight situation is detected, a warning message will show the compromised structural limit, as well as the exceeded quantity:

Manage your fleet

AvioFuel ships by default with a bunch of common light jets and turboprops. You can add as many aircraft as you want, edit the default ones or even delete them.

The small donut symbol on the left marks the corresponding aircraft as 'favorite', ready to be used for the fueling calculations.

Database reset

You can revert back to the default database at anytime. Just press the Reset button in the Settings screen:

Configure your plane

Each aircraft has its own record in the database, where all relevant data is stored. You can edit the variables to exactly match the aircraft you fly.

These variables are used internally for the fueling & weight calculations. Be sure to double-check them!.

Weight Limitations

The MRW, MZFW, MTOW and BOW variables are used by the Payload/Fuel weight calculator. You don't need to enter them if you are only interested in fuel uplift calculations.

Clean design

Smart User Interface, optimized for fast and easy operation. AvioFuel has been designed by a business jet pilot, and it's currently being used by light jet and turboprop pilots all over the world.

Customer Support

You can easily contact the developer to submit feedback, suggestions or bug reports. All enquiries are usually answered within 24-48 hours.

looks great on every iPhone

Designed and optimized for the whole iPhone family.
AvioFuel requires iOS 12.4 and it's fully compatible with iOS 13.

AvioFuel in the 'Top 10 Aviation Apps' (you haven't heard of)

#5. AvioFuel: "...provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing fuel loading calculations [...] It allows you to enter custom aircraft profiles and quickly determine how much fuel you can load in each tank based on passenger/baggage requirements and the weight limits for your airplane."


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Very useful and intuitive

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